Thats right Volunteer fans this year the Big Orange won’t be bowling.  The Vols sunk to 3-7 this past Saturday after an embarrasing Homecoming loss to Wyoming in Neyland Stadium.  The players certainly didn’t respond how most has hoped to the news of Phillip Fulmer’s forced resignation.  I was really hoping the Volunteers could take care of these last three games for the big guy, a win one for the gipper type deal.  No such luck.  Volball reflects.

First off, again I feel completely sorry for our defense.  Not that this was an opponent that they should have had trouble with but, the defense didn’t surrender any points in my opinion.  The three yard touchdown pass was hardly their fault after an interception return put the cowboys all the way down to the three yard line.  It is a sad day when our offense surrenders more points to the opposing team than the defense.


Which brings me to that side of the ball.  Our offensive line is absolute trash, these boys are a disgrace to Tennessee football. Every week they seem to find a way to kill a drive with a holding penalty.  And personally I am sick of seeing them go crazy every time we break off a decent run.  Do you job and shut your mouth, maybe all your dancing makes you to tired to do it on a down to down basis.  Dare I insult the coaching given recent happenings but, where the heck is B.J. Coleman?  Stephens was obviously not turning the corner, he was consistently mediocre but, how do you put the ball back into Crompton’s hands after his season thus far.  Its time Coleman was given a shot to take some snaps.  


And like I said dare I say anything about coaching but, personally I am done with this hot runner junk.  Tauren Poole was clearly the hot runner the kid was breaking off continuous big runs on first down.  How do you expect to get a guy into a rhythm when not matter how well he does you rotate the backs?  

Overall, I am just extremely upset with how the players who so deeply loved their coach responded to his ousting.  If you had half the heart Coach Fulmer did you would have responded to the news by winning a few for the head coach.  Now you will be sending coach Fulmer out with a losing record and a short season.  I don’t even want to think about what Vandy and the Cats are going to do against our beloved Big Orange.  Phillip Fulmer day might be a Blue Grass blow out, did you see Kentucky against Georgia?  Volball Out.


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Stands Alone.

Will Muschamp


So after about two months of considering hires for UT even before the Fulmer force out Volball has narrowed the prospects to one.  Thats right folks Volball would extend the invite to one and only one.  I have a plan B as well but, my initial phone call and big bucks would go to Mr. Will Muschamp!  After reviewing videos, prospects, recruiting reports, and numerous stats I have settled on the 37 year old freak Will Muschamp.  This guy eats, sleeps, and breaths intensity, its almost not healthy.  I must say I think this guy is the anti-Phillip Fulmer.  They differ so much its crazy.  And I might catch some flak for saying we need the anti-Phil or someone who has never been a part of the Tennessee “family” but, personally I could care less.  Will Muschamp is everything Tennessee football needs right now.  


I was going to give you every reason to hire this man but, there is a website that has already conquered that feat.  You want to know why to hire Will Muschamp they will tell you why @

Check it out and Vote Muschamp for UT!

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Coaches Respond to Orange and White Opening.


ESPN reports this morning that when Steve Spurrier was asked if he would be interested in the Tennessee head coaching postion he replied, “not interested, maybe five years ago but it obviously was not available then.” 

Anyone who read my Replacements article know I am a happy man after that reply.  Spurrier is the ultimate anti-volunteer.  The man was a cold blooded reptile for crying out loud, the worst of the worst a Florida Gator.  And for all of you die hard Fulmer fan he just put the nail coach Fulmer’s coffin.


Another bullet dodged for this Volunteer fan.  Another don’t on my coaching list said he will be staying at Duke.  GoVolsXtra reports that Coach Cutcliffe said, “I’m at Duke, and I am staying at Duke.”  And although I believe Coach Cutcliffe is an amazing offensive mind as previously stated I don’t think he is the right man for the head coaching position.


Davis vs Spurrier Football

Butch Davis seems to be out of the running folks.  Reports asked Davis about the Tennessee job at North Carolina’s practice on Tuesday afternoon he replied, “my family and I are very happy in Chapel Hill.”  Sounds like the Tar Heels will retain Davis as their coach in ’09, good news for Tarheels fans.

I am interested to see who else we hear from in the near future about the Tennessee head coaching position.  But again with silence from my front runners it makes me more confident that they are being considered!  Go Vols.  Volball Out!


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Thank You Phil.


Ladies and Gentleman it is a new day in Tennessee football.  I will not sit here and say that I wanted Phillip Fulmer to be the head coach at the University of Tennessee after this season because I did not.  I am not numb to what Phillip Fulmer has done at Tennessee but, I am also not blind to his short comings either. Now as in every situation there are two sides to a story and many people will attack Mike Hamilton over the next few weeks with his decision.  What people must realize is that there must be a line between professionals and friends, sentiment and business, history and currency. I am a fan that realizes everything that Phillip Fulmer has done for the institution of Tennessee and I deeply appreciate it.  I respect Phillip Fulmer to the utmost and truly hope he continues to be a part of Tennessee football in some shape, form, or fashion.  Volball reflects.

Phillip Fulmer


This is a man who has given thirty years of his life to Tennessee coaching.  A man who has bled orange since before I was a thought in my mother’s head.  How do you honor such a legend?  He is a coach who will undoubtably go down in college football history.  There is no question has created a long measuring stick for his predecessor whomever that may be. 

Throughout his time at The University of Tennessee he has given Big Orange fans something to cheer about for many fall Saturdays.  One hundred and fifty wins, a feat that in my mind is simply amazing.  Who knows, maybe one day you will sit in Fulmer Stadium.  There is no doubt he has bred some amazing athletes, names like Peyton Manning, Al Davis, and Tee Martin.  There can be no value placed on what Phillip Fulmer has done for Tennessee.  


Some will go on to say that with six million dollars in his pocket he should be a happy man.  Those are the people who do not understand sports and what they give to their participants.  It was evident today that Phillip Fulmer’s passion in life was taken from him.  No amount of money can ever heal the end of your passion.  The man has given the better half of his life to Tennessee football. Most people can’t even say they have been cheering for the same team more than half of their life let alone ate, slept, and dreamt the same team.

Most importantly, what we as Tennessee FANs will never know is what Phillip Fulmer meant to the young athletes that wore the Orange and White.  We will never know the lessons, morals, and values that he instilled in his young players.  And that Big Orange fans is what you can not put a price on.  You can’t put a price on being a mentor to those young kids, being a father figure to young men, and a everlasting figure in their minds.  This was something I undoubtedly believe Phillip Fulmer brought to the Tennessee locker room. 

But as we look ahead, I personally I can not wait to walk into Neyland Stadium for both the Wyoming and Kentucky football games.  I can’t wait to hear Neyland Stadium rockin’ for Phillip Fulmer.  To think that I am going to be a part of something some monumental makes me feel truly blessed.  I respect Phillip Fulmer and I will be cheering for him harder than ever over the next month for what he has done for myself as a  fan and for Tennessee football.  And even if I have to pay the big bucks for these last two tickets I undoubtably will shell out the cash.



With today’s events you have to look back at Tennessee football tradition.  I consider Tennessee to be one of the most storied and tradition based football programs in the nation.  But what we should all realize is tradition didn’t always exist, there is always going to be the element of change.  Tennessee fans didn’t always walk into Neyland Stadium, the Vols once called Shields-Watkins Field their home.  General Robert Neyland never ran through the “T”. Volunteer legend Reggie White never took a stroll down the Vol Walk.  We have to realize we are entering a new era in Tennessee football, some things are going to change, and yet many will remain the same.

So today for myself is bittersweet, and although this is something everyone close to me knows that I wanted this it is still hard.  I wanted it in a different way, although I am not sure that way would have ever happened.  But, I can tell you that I don’t want to see anything but orange on coach Fulmer.  I want him to be a figure at the University of Tennessee until he walks away from sports all together.  Maybe I am being selfish but I would be upset to see otherwise.

But, through all this turmoil you can bet on one thing.  You can bet your bottom dollar this Volunteer fan will be in Neyland Stadium until the final tick over the next two home games, as I have been all season.  I am excited to give my all for Tennessee and our head coach Phillip Fulmer.  I have no doubt that the players are going to rise up and give all they have in Coach Fulmer’s remaining three games.  I have never wanted to win three games more than I do our next three.  I hope everyone will rally around such a great man and great football coach over the next month and say fairwell to a man who is no doubt a statue in Tennessee football history.

Go Vols.  Volball Out!

Thank You Phillip Fulmer!


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Enough Said.

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So Long Phil.

Well folks glad you could join the “sane train” this week, welcome aboard the fire Phil bandwagon.  We have been on the road for a while now and seem to be getting more crowded every week.  The trip will be bumpy but, smooth roads lie ahead!

There is no question that if you weren’t already picketing for the Phil Fire march you sure are now.  It is time to take notice folks.  Rivals.  What rivals?  Blown out by Florida and Alabama at home and barely survived against a Northern Illinois team at Neyland as well.  There is no question it is time for a new era in Tennessee football.  Hopefully after this weeks embarrassment against what used to be a bitter rival more Big Orange fans are screamin’ at the television. Volball reflects.

Again this week pregame and postgame I encountered a couple of folks and had some Tennessee football conversations.  And again I said running game, running game, running game.  If we couldn’t produce it we had no chance, and again we didn’t produce any yards on the ground.  To be exact UT only managed to post 36 yards of rushing.  And to be honest I can’t even point at the backs this week, again my finger points to a completely weak offensive line.  These boys must need to be called out every week to perform.  They simply were out worked again this Saturday.  Our inability to get push at the line of scrimmage costs us week in and week out.  And to think I thought our offensive line would be the strongest part of our offense preseason and would help inexperience at quarterback.  I look back and think of myself as a comedian.  And not only are they out worked they showed little intelligence again this week with multiple procedure and holding penalties.

Ladies and Gentleman if you weren’t aware Phillip Fulmer played offensive line at the University of Tennessee in college.  Now if your head coach can’t discipline a group of young men that played the exact position he did than what can he possibly have left in him.

Again this week I can not fault our defense all that much.  They held a extremely potent Alabama offense off for quite some time.  The fact is our inability to sustain drives and eat the clock on offense then tires our defense.  Then the defense begins to tire late in the game.  The fact is defense is about heart, and when it comes to heart the Big Orange defense have it but, with every field goal, missed field goal, and three and out they loose a bit of that heart.  The realize they are always fighting an uphill battle and they ware down.  John Chavis sits in front of the press and says I see the offense coming around, and I understand that because he has to but, the fact is they have not come around.

Daniel Lincoln, what happened to this kid?  He used to be consistent.  If the Big Orange didn’t walk away with six they almost always got the trey. Not this season, if the Vols can’t stuff it in the end zone there are more often than not going to be zero points put on the board.

The fact is Big Orange fans Tennessee football has sunk to an all-time low.  There was more Crimson in Neyland Stadium by games end Saturday than there was orange. And despite what I said earlier in the season I truly entered Neyland Stadium looking for a win, I wanted the win over the big rival.  No longer!  Until I here Phillip Fulmer say he is done after the season I will enter Neyland Stadium as a fan looking for change, and change comes with losses, so that is what I will look forward to every Saturday this fall, the loss.  If he announces his resignation I will attend every home game in his corner to say goodbye and thank you.  Until that announcement is made, change is my goal.  Volball Out.

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The Three S’s

Rather than give keys to this weeks game against Alabama, highlight game stats, and talk X’s and O’s this Voball is giving you the three S’s.  Stellar, Surprise, and Strayed.  Words I am using to describe three players on this years Tennessee Volunteers.  The players who have been stellar, a huge surprise, and have strayed from last season’s marks.  So this week Volball gives you the three S’s.


There is no other word to describe Mr. Eric Berry.  Only a sophomore there is no question this kid is an undisputed leader on this football team, not only on defense but overall.  Before he leaves Tennessee there is no doubt he will hold multiple records and be an all-time Volunteer great.  This past Saturday Eric Berry recorded his fifth interception of the season and 10th of his career at Tennessee in only his second season. With that pick he shattered the all-time SEC record set way back in the 1940’s.  Berry is proving his worth every game with big plays, big hits, and big picks.  So far this season Berry has recorded 175 yards in interception returns and one touchdown, did you know that is the same figure as Senior bust Lucas Taylor, who has only one touchdown.


There is no doubt Senior wide receiver Lucas Taylor has strayed a long way from his Junior effort consisting of 1000 yards and 5 touchdowns.  Here we are over halfway through the season and this superstar of old is being overshadowed by underclassman game in and game out.  There is a definite argument that Tennessee has struggled at Quarterback early this season hurting receiving stats but, playmakers make plays and Lucas Taylor far from a playmaker this season.  Drops and inferior route running have plagued Lucas Taylor’s senior effort and the receiving reigns have been taking by youngsters like Denarius Moore.


Denarius Moore is the biggest surprise for most Volunteer fans.  Moore has recorded just short of 200 receiving yards on only seven receptions.  Averaging a blistering 27 yards per catch Moore is developing as the Volunteers key deep threat.  Phillip Fulmer is already calling Moore a starter in just his sophomore season.  With receivers like Josh Briscoe, Austin Rodgers, and Gerald Jones its hard to make a splash at receiver but, Moore is screaming CANNONBALL!  With Stephens and Moore both in just their second season you have to see promise between this duo.  Already raking in two deep touchdown passes look for Moore to get more involved in the coming weeks.


This Week Marks Another Storied Rivarlry, the Third Saturday in October.  Go Vols!

Till Next Time Volball Out!

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