“It can be fixed.” Phil Fulmer

“It can be fixed,” said Tennessee head coach Phillip Fulmer after an disgraceful loss at UCLA monday night.

My response: you are right Phil it can, you just might not be part of the solution.

I respect Phil Fulmer for his past, I understand he has a great history at Tennessee.  But people it is just that HISTORY, the game is leaving Fulmer in its wake struggling to stay afloat. We have not won the conference since ’98 and have not been to a BCS bowl since ’99.  He has been looking for the next great pocket passer since Peyton Manning left in ’97 and the fact is the game isn’t suited for that type of QB anymore. If you recall the ’98 National Title Fulmer won was with a mobile Tee Martin.

Troy Smith, Vince Young, Tim Tebow, and Chris Leak do these names ring any bells? Those are national title winning QBs Phil, welcome to the new age. Teams that don’t have a rep like USC and don’t get the pocket passers of their college era make due by producing a new bread and it wins titles.  And yet he has that kind of player right under your nose and you still do not use him to a complete fault. Gerald Jones is a high school quarterback who is a mobile and aerial threat that the Vols should be putting to work.

But I can see it now, in my opinion the biggest games on our schedule include Georgia, Auburn, Florida, and Alabama.  Phil is going to find a way to sneak by one of those teams and Big Orange Country will consider him a savior because he won a rival game.  But I ask you Vol fans if you really want another decade of winning one or two rival games, or if you want conference and national titles because the man is not producing the big seasons. But if he some how can flip a switch and end up back in Atlanta he will be a savior.

Phil better figure it out in a hurry, I myself want to see him turn it around, but only if it is in a big way.  I either want to see 10-2 or 6-6, or even worse, one gets us to the top the other sends Phil packing.  And that is not a joke either I want to see a miracle or a disaster. I can wait 5 years to get the program back to a BCS contender or a National Championship but I can’t handle another decade of 9-3.


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  1. keebler

    i’m gonna have to co-sign on this one son.

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