keys to stomp the chomp.

Its been four years.  Long(def.)- the amount of time since we took it to Gators and I for one am getting tired of the third week loss. Crompton, running game, coaching all public keys to success against the gators.  For me the battles will be won in the trenches.  The offensive and defensive lines will be key if the orange and white are to have a chance against Urban Meyer’s crew.

So far the offensive line has looked weak in protecting Crompton in drop back passing situations.  Jonathan can’t quite handle a good pass rush yet, he seems to crack under the pressure of D lineman and linebackers in his face.  With the Vols starting such a deep offensive line this year they really need to step up and help John out this week.  During the previous two weeks I feel they have left down Crompton not giving him the protection that he needs to be successful. 

Good blocking by the boys up front will also be key to develop the running game which will be key for a victory over the Gators.  If the vols can’t develop the run early we will be in huge trouble.  Clock management will be huge, we need to keep the powerful Florida offense off the field for as long as possible.  The more snaps the Florida offense takes the more chance the big play will occur.

On to the defensive line, after seeing the Gators play the ‘canes two weeks ago I feel I can’t stress enough the need to get pressure on Tim Tebow.  For the first time in a while the Gators showed weakness during the first half against Miami.  I would mention our linebackers but I don’t feel you can rest much pressure on their shoulders quite yet. I hope the big orange were taking notes during the first half of the Miami game, the Hurricanes held Florida to only nine points and the nation saw frustration on Tebow’s face, a completely foreign idea.

If the Volunteers can win the battle in the trenches they will drastically increase their chances to get the W this week against the Gators for the first time in four years. If Tennessee can’t come up with the win this year I think the Big Orange Army might have blow torch under Phillip Fulmer’s office chair.

Volball’s keys to stomp the chomp!



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2 responses to “keys to stomp the chomp.

  1. ghostofneyland

    I think it’s a good idea to go “All Vol” here… Go with what you love.

    Seriously, one thing I would like to see us do is I want Crompton to flush the pocket a little more and throw on the run. He seems very stagnant back there, and I’ve always been under the impression that he would move around and either make things happen on the run or tuck it and go. I was envisioning Heath Shuler. So far, I’ve been horrifically disappointed.

    I like your digs here, Big Orange Country. Keep doing a good job, and you should contact LawVol over at or me if you’re interested in doing the Big Orange Roundtable. It’s a weekly thing we do, and it may generate you a few more hits since you’re getting started here.

    But I like what I see. Go Vols!! Please come around any time you can and please comment at will. We’re a community, not a blogsite.

  2. Nice writeup here and I really hope we take it to the Gators.
    Take ghost’s advice and check us out. We have cookies…

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