shhhh talk.


If you haven’t heard already and you are a Vols fan you must have been locked in a closet. Brandon Spikes took a shot at the Volunteers, recalling last years match-up he called the vols “quitters.”  Today GoVolsXtra released the press conference video with Fulmer and the players response.  Pregame hype! I like it, I mean for Vols fans to be outraged but after that performance in the Swamp last year is Spikes truly wrong. Nope.  But check it out.

My favorite part about the video is Phil taking a stab at the Florida coaching staff saying comments probably originally came from the Florida coaching staff.  “If they don’t respect us why are they practicing,” said Fulmer. I like to see the fire in the Volunteer coach.  I think the players handled it extremely well you didn’t see anyone lash out in immature fashion.

Countdown till gameday continues…3 days and counting. Till next time Volball out.


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