talkin’ back.

Well it was to be expected, the boys in orange are stepping up and defending good ole’ Phil.  It happened last year and is happening again this year.  My question, if he isn’t struggling why is there a need to defend him at all?  

You can say I am not a fan for saying that Phil needs to go all you want, the fact is I am die hard Tennessee, and will be for as long as I am around college football.  I stayed till the last second of the Florida game ticked off the big score board, you didn’t see me leave early.  And I will continue to go to the games this season despite the disappointment lurking. With that being said, here are the facts, one win in eight attempts against top ten opponents at Home! Only a 14-13 record in his last 27 games against SEC opponents.  And he hasn’t beaten Florida in his last four attempts.  Now can you can feed me this, “he is the winningest coach in NCAA football,” all you want, those words are falling on deaf ears here.  Its something around 70% winning percentage but, what people don’t realize is he wins 70% of his games every year ie. 9-3 or 8-4 seasons.  And that doesn’t cut it for this FAN.

The fact is yes we did make it to Atlanta last year but, we didn’t get there based off our own performance alone.  Getting to Atlanta to loses from other SEC east teams to give us that gift wrapped birth to the SEC championship team.  And mark my words there will be no gifts this season. Volball out.


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