The Jokes on Us.

So if you haven’t heard them lets review.

-Phillip Fulmer resigns as head coach of Tennessee Vols to work with FEMA, apparently Congress was so impressed with Fulmers ability to clear out 107,00 they offered him a job immediately.

-National Weather service has issued a Tornado Warning and is ordering everyone to Neyland Stadium where there is no chance of a touchdown.

With jokes like this on top of the normal Phil fat jokes its getting tough to handle.  And personally I am sick of it.  But please comment if you have anymore, I just like to get upset at these amazing pokes at UT football, makes me so proud.


Besides that I suppose I will give the VolBall take on this weekends game.  Well like last weekend my outlook is grim, I think the Vols stand little chance this weekend but then again you never know, look at the Beavers.  The biggest problem is going to be Auburn’s defense versus our offense, this spells trouble for the big orange.  The Tigers lead the nation in third down stops with only a 11% success rate for opposing offenses, with LSU’s 4 total first downs was the most in one game against the Tigers.  And when you look at that stat compared to Cromton’s turnover stats on third down you have to think this weekend smells like more turnovers.

I think this game is going to be a straight defensive show, and our D is going to have to come up big. Again it won’t be our pass defense that I am worried about with our extremely talented secondary I think it is possible Eric Berry and the boys will find the end zone before the offense. But, the run defense and the line backing core does worry me, I think Auburn’s Ben Tate is going to present a big problem for the Tennessee defense. 

And how can we forget special teams, I don’t care what Phil says this has been a problem at Tennessee for quite some time.  To be honest I don’t even know who returns for Auburn but does it really matter? We have a habit of giving up the big return in big games.  My question is can the coverage teams turn this around?

As for the offense I think the situation is still the same as last week.  The running game will be key, if we can get the running game going with our host of backs we will be in good shape.  We have four great backs and I hope all four can barely walk their legs are so tired when this one is over.  We need to be able to break off large gains on first down and take pressure off of Crompton, pressure that he obviously is not ready for.  If you make the boy among men throw on third and long we will be in trouble, and the stats show it. 

Overall I think the Vols have a shot in the dark at taking down the War Eagles.  Auburn is an extremely tough football team coming off a tough loss at home against the Bayou Bengals.  They will be looking to get things back on track in a hurry and Tennessee is the perfect way to do that.  Auburn gets Vandy next week which is obviously a tough game seeing as how the Commodores are playing this season but, I still don’t think we will catch them looking ahead.  The Volunteers will have to be a whole new football team to get the job done this weekend.  My heart says we have a shot, my head says 1 and 3.

Either Way Go Vols! Until next time thanks for reading.  VolBall Out!


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