Down to Earth.

Finally a reality check for Jonathan.  This week I will review the quarterback controversy.  How can I not talk about it? It only took two weeks to long to long to consider Stephens or Coleman for that matter for the job.  Finally the coaching staff has put Crompton in his place opening up the position for quarterback this week.  My question, is this for real?  Is the spot really open or is this just a shot at Crompton, a boot in the butt to get this kid going.  Although how much more motivation can you really give the kid after losses to UCLA and Florida he still didn’t get anything going at Auburn.  I mean come on the kid has twice as many picks as he does TDs.  He completes 50% of his passes on a good day. 

In the last week or so I have been doing my research on this kid and it is shocking to say the least.  Comes out of high school as’s 3rd ranked QB out of high school behind Mark Sanchez and Ryan Perrilloux.  Really? What the heck happened?  Given Perrilloux got kicked off of the Bayou Bengals but Mark Sanchez is a beast.  To even think that at some point Crompton’s name was mentioned in the same sentence is laughable.

So far this season my main complaint has been is over confidence in himself.  Finally this week whether he gets the start or not we have finally seen that tone down a bit.  He finally has realized he isn’t the QB he thinks he is after the 1-3 start.  I think its possible his head has found daylight for the first time this season, it has been elsewhere so far. 

Now, Nick Stephens, I won’t come out and say this kid will be the savior for this season because I don’t believe he will be.  At this point I believe the season can’t be saved.  Sure maybe with this kid at the helm we could spoil a few seasons but thats about it.  The fact is has this have happened a game and a half ago at halftime of the Florida game this season might have been salvageable but, that is no longer the case.  This football should be 3-1 not the other way around.  The key for Stephens will be to realize he can not bring this team back to glory he needs to relax and get the ball to the play makers. Safely!  Hopefully he has taken notes on Jonathan’s week in and week out attempt to play beyond himself.  

The thing I have like about this kid so far is his personality.  He seems to have a firm grasp on the situation, and for me the biggest thing, he hasn’t tried to sell himself to anyone.  Supposedly coach Clawson is all about character.  Well if thats the case I hope he is giving credit where it is due.  This week Nick Stephens has handled countless interviews and sensitive questions with the utmost care and professionalism.

Overall, I am extremely interested to see if this is a stunt or for real.  I haven’t decided which it is yet.  Luckily I will be finding out in person this Saturday when I walk into what I am sure will be a less than capacity Neyland Stadium.  Yup, thats right through all the shame and criticism I am going to pay for another tank of gas, another ticket, and a whole lot of beverages, which is obviously going to be the key to getting through this season Vol fans.  Until next time this is VolBall signing off.


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