Next four weeks. Make or BREAK.

The next month will no doubt make or break head coach Phillip Fulmer’s job security at the University of Tennessee. Four straight SEC tests, splitting the four in half, two home two away. Now some say calling for Fulmer’s job is not right given his history at the University of Tennessee.  History aside, Fulmer will show fans and players what he is really made of the next month.  The Volunteers have a seemly impossible schedule in front on them.  

First, the Bulldogs between the hedges.  Despite your recent Kingsford commercials Georgia hasn’t proved they are the better football team in the last couple of years.  This has been Fulmer’s fall back game.  It seems over the last few years he has crawled his way out of the grave with wins over the Dawgs.  The Volunteers have taken care of business in this rivalry even in Athens, where in their last visit the struggling Volunteers dropped half a hundred on the dawgs.  But, the Dawgs are coming off a by week and frustrating loss to the Crimson Tide.  They need to get back on track, and lets just say the Vols are the track Georgia is the train. Chu-Chu!

Next, the Vols have Mississippi State.  This will be no easy test like your average Mississippi State game.  It is quite evident that the Vols have no easy games on their schedule after the romping of Northern Illinois.  The State bulldogs played Auburn to a 3-2 loss which obviously attests to their defense, and lets face it the Volunteer offense isn’t carving up D’s this season.  To earn a win for the Big Orange Faithful things will have to change in a hurry.

Then, the third Saturday in October.  Does anything really need to be said about Saban and the Crimson Tide?  I will be honest, that is the kind of coach I want at my school.  The man doesn’t celebrate for a minute, the Volunteers have been celebrating for ten years.  Or at least the lone national championship has saved Phil for that long.  Its time that we forget about the history and think about the future.  Saban is the future, and he is going to make history of Phil and the Vols in Knoxville, losses are not an option for Nick Saban and his football team.  When are we going to stop looking in the rear view?

The last leg, off to South Carolina to the Gamecocks home turf.  Its no secret the Old Ball Coach is a nemesis of Phillip Fulmer.  South Carolina is fresh off a victory against the Rebels of Ole’ Miss who knocked off the same Gators who dominated the Big Orange in Knoxville.  The Gamecocks are finally healthy and improving. Plus by this time we are going to have one tired football team.  

If I was a betting man their is no way I would put money on Tennessee in any of these games, not even against the Mississippi State Bulldogs, on homecoming, in Neyland Stadium.  Without a big turn around of the offense and special teams their is no way the Volunteers get victories in these tough SEC games.  

My question Volunteers fans, when do you start routing for losses?  I know I know.  You say never but, lets be honest here one or two upset wins will feel good now but, how will you feel next year with another lack luster season.  The fact is all it will take is one big upset win and one mediocre upset and Phil will again have job security, that is something I can not be happy with.  All I hear is buy out this buy out that, please the Tennessee Athletic Department has some deep pockets and 6 million is pocket change.  And tell me that upset Alumni won’t help fit that bill.  You better believe their are some Vol Alum that can’t stand what they have seen the past five saturdays.  Heck I will give some money to get Phil out of there, and you can quote me on that. The Volunteers are now the doormat of the SEC and its down right unacceptable.

The University of Tennessee like it or not is built around or central figure, and that is Neyland Stadium.  The winning tradition and fall saturday afternoon is losing its luster in a hurry.  Rival games are turning into embarrassments, cheers to boos, tickets to empty seats, touchdowns to interceptions, wins to losses,  and football to basketball.  I seem to encourter some random person every week who wants to talk Tennessee football with me, this week, a doctor during a visit.  You know what that man said, “basketball season can’t come soon enough.”  I never thought I would hear that statement from a Big Orange fan.

VolBall. Till next time, Go Big Orange!



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2 responses to “Next four weeks. Make or BREAK.

  1. I heard it came to either a win over Georgia or Alabama for his job to be saved.
    That leaves just Alabama now and that seems very unlikely.

  2. socialbaron

    if he loses to vandy he’s done, stick a fork in him

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