So Long Phil.

Well folks glad you could join the “sane train” this week, welcome aboard the fire Phil bandwagon.  We have been on the road for a while now and seem to be getting more crowded every week.  The trip will be bumpy but, smooth roads lie ahead!

There is no question that if you weren’t already picketing for the Phil Fire march you sure are now.  It is time to take notice folks.  Rivals.  What rivals?  Blown out by Florida and Alabama at home and barely survived against a Northern Illinois team at Neyland as well.  There is no question it is time for a new era in Tennessee football.  Hopefully after this weeks embarrassment against what used to be a bitter rival more Big Orange fans are screamin’ at the television. Volball reflects.

Again this week pregame and postgame I encountered a couple of folks and had some Tennessee football conversations.  And again I said running game, running game, running game.  If we couldn’t produce it we had no chance, and again we didn’t produce any yards on the ground.  To be exact UT only managed to post 36 yards of rushing.  And to be honest I can’t even point at the backs this week, again my finger points to a completely weak offensive line.  These boys must need to be called out every week to perform.  They simply were out worked again this Saturday.  Our inability to get push at the line of scrimmage costs us week in and week out.  And to think I thought our offensive line would be the strongest part of our offense preseason and would help inexperience at quarterback.  I look back and think of myself as a comedian.  And not only are they out worked they showed little intelligence again this week with multiple procedure and holding penalties.

Ladies and Gentleman if you weren’t aware Phillip Fulmer played offensive line at the University of Tennessee in college.  Now if your head coach can’t discipline a group of young men that played the exact position he did than what can he possibly have left in him.

Again this week I can not fault our defense all that much.  They held a extremely potent Alabama offense off for quite some time.  The fact is our inability to sustain drives and eat the clock on offense then tires our defense.  Then the defense begins to tire late in the game.  The fact is defense is about heart, and when it comes to heart the Big Orange defense have it but, with every field goal, missed field goal, and three and out they loose a bit of that heart.  The realize they are always fighting an uphill battle and they ware down.  John Chavis sits in front of the press and says I see the offense coming around, and I understand that because he has to but, the fact is they have not come around.

Daniel Lincoln, what happened to this kid?  He used to be consistent.  If the Big Orange didn’t walk away with six they almost always got the trey. Not this season, if the Vols can’t stuff it in the end zone there are more often than not going to be zero points put on the board.

The fact is Big Orange fans Tennessee football has sunk to an all-time low.  There was more Crimson in Neyland Stadium by games end Saturday than there was orange. And despite what I said earlier in the season I truly entered Neyland Stadium looking for a win, I wanted the win over the big rival.  No longer!  Until I here Phillip Fulmer say he is done after the season I will enter Neyland Stadium as a fan looking for change, and change comes with losses, so that is what I will look forward to every Saturday this fall, the loss.  If he announces his resignation I will attend every home game in his corner to say goodbye and thank you.  Until that announcement is made, change is my goal.  Volball Out.


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  1. Man, it’s brutal. I still can’t root against the Vols, no matter the cost. I think you are right, though: Fulmer is done.

    I will continue to attend the home games and yell my loudest and hope that change comes.

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