Coaches Respond to Orange and White Opening.


ESPN reports this morning that when Steve Spurrier was asked if he would be interested in the Tennessee head coaching postion he replied, “not interested, maybe five years ago but it obviously was not available then.” 

Anyone who read my Replacements article know I am a happy man after that reply.  Spurrier is the ultimate anti-volunteer.  The man was a cold blooded reptile for crying out loud, the worst of the worst a Florida Gator.  And for all of you die hard Fulmer fan he just put the nail coach Fulmer’s coffin.


Another bullet dodged for this Volunteer fan.  Another don’t on my coaching list said he will be staying at Duke.  GoVolsXtra reports that Coach Cutcliffe said, “I’m at Duke, and I am staying at Duke.”  And although I believe Coach Cutcliffe is an amazing offensive mind as previously stated I don’t think he is the right man for the head coaching position.


Davis vs Spurrier Football

Butch Davis seems to be out of the running folks.  Reports asked Davis about the Tennessee job at North Carolina’s practice on Tuesday afternoon he replied, “my family and I are very happy in Chapel Hill.”  Sounds like the Tar Heels will retain Davis as their coach in ’09, good news for Tarheels fans.

I am interested to see who else we hear from in the near future about the Tennessee head coaching position.  But again with silence from my front runners it makes me more confident that they are being considered!  Go Vols.  Volball Out!



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2 responses to “Coaches Respond to Orange and White Opening.

  1. Kevin

    Never, Ever bring Spurrier to Tennessee. Not even if he begs! You can’t HATE someone for so many years and then try to hire him. Never!

    We can all pray that Jon Gruden is our new coach. A young man with alot of professional football in his past. Not to mention he’s already a Tn. Vol.

  2. volball

    I completely agree on Spurrier. As I highlighted in my coaching do’s and don’t s the man is simply the anti-Tennessee. There is no way you can hire that guy to coach at Tennessee.

    As for Gruden, he has been on my short list but, I have been thinking about it and the man doesn’t really have experience managing anything but professional athletes. Handling a group of young men might be a whole different situation for him in which he might not excel. Plus there guarantee that he would be a good recruiter and with the history of Tennessee football we all know we need a good coordinator.

    Its official I have placed Lane Kiffen and Will Muschamp at the top of my list. Either one would have me absolutely ecstatic.

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