Thats right Volunteer fans this year the Big Orange won’t be bowling.  The Vols sunk to 3-7 this past Saturday after an embarrasing Homecoming loss to Wyoming in Neyland Stadium.  The players certainly didn’t respond how most has hoped to the news of Phillip Fulmer’s forced resignation.  I was really hoping the Volunteers could take care of these last three games for the big guy, a win one for the gipper type deal.  No such luck.  Volball reflects.

First off, again I feel completely sorry for our defense.  Not that this was an opponent that they should have had trouble with but, the defense didn’t surrender any points in my opinion.  The three yard touchdown pass was hardly their fault after an interception return put the cowboys all the way down to the three yard line.  It is a sad day when our offense surrenders more points to the opposing team than the defense.


Which brings me to that side of the ball.  Our offensive line is absolute trash, these boys are a disgrace to Tennessee football. Every week they seem to find a way to kill a drive with a holding penalty.  And personally I am sick of seeing them go crazy every time we break off a decent run.  Do you job and shut your mouth, maybe all your dancing makes you to tired to do it on a down to down basis.  Dare I insult the coaching given recent happenings but, where the heck is B.J. Coleman?  Stephens was obviously not turning the corner, he was consistently mediocre but, how do you put the ball back into Crompton’s hands after his season thus far.  Its time Coleman was given a shot to take some snaps.  


And like I said dare I say anything about coaching but, personally I am done with this hot runner junk.  Tauren Poole was clearly the hot runner the kid was breaking off continuous big runs on first down.  How do you expect to get a guy into a rhythm when not matter how well he does you rotate the backs?  

Overall, I am just extremely upset with how the players who so deeply loved their coach responded to his ousting.  If you had half the heart Coach Fulmer did you would have responded to the news by winning a few for the head coach.  Now you will be sending coach Fulmer out with a losing record and a short season.  I don’t even want to think about what Vandy and the Cats are going to do against our beloved Big Orange.  Phillip Fulmer day might be a Blue Grass blow out, did you see Kentucky against Georgia?  Volball Out.


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