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Coaches Respond to Orange and White Opening.


ESPN reports this morning that when Steve Spurrier was asked if he would be interested in the Tennessee head coaching postion he replied, “not interested, maybe five years ago but it obviously was not available then.” 

Anyone who read my Replacements article know I am a happy man after that reply.  Spurrier is the ultimate anti-volunteer.  The man was a cold blooded reptile for crying out loud, the worst of the worst a Florida Gator.  And for all of you die hard Fulmer fan he just put the nail coach Fulmer’s coffin.


Another bullet dodged for this Volunteer fan.  Another don’t on my coaching list said he will be staying at Duke.  GoVolsXtra reports that Coach Cutcliffe said, “I’m at Duke, and I am staying at Duke.”  And although I believe Coach Cutcliffe is an amazing offensive mind as previously stated I don’t think he is the right man for the head coaching position.


Davis vs Spurrier Football

Butch Davis seems to be out of the running folks.  Reports asked Davis about the Tennessee job at North Carolina’s practice on Tuesday afternoon he replied, “my family and I are very happy in Chapel Hill.”  Sounds like the Tar Heels will retain Davis as their coach in ’09, good news for Tarheels fans.

I am interested to see who else we hear from in the near future about the Tennessee head coaching position.  But again with silence from my front runners it makes me more confident that they are being considered!  Go Vols.  Volball Out!



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Enough Said.

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The Three S’s

Rather than give keys to this weeks game against Alabama, highlight game stats, and talk X’s and O’s this Voball is giving you the three S’s.  Stellar, Surprise, and Strayed.  Words I am using to describe three players on this years Tennessee Volunteers.  The players who have been stellar, a huge surprise, and have strayed from last season’s marks.  So this week Volball gives you the three S’s.


There is no other word to describe Mr. Eric Berry.  Only a sophomore there is no question this kid is an undisputed leader on this football team, not only on defense but overall.  Before he leaves Tennessee there is no doubt he will hold multiple records and be an all-time Volunteer great.  This past Saturday Eric Berry recorded his fifth interception of the season and 10th of his career at Tennessee in only his second season. With that pick he shattered the all-time SEC record set way back in the 1940’s.  Berry is proving his worth every game with big plays, big hits, and big picks.  So far this season Berry has recorded 175 yards in interception returns and one touchdown, did you know that is the same figure as Senior bust Lucas Taylor, who has only one touchdown.


There is no doubt Senior wide receiver Lucas Taylor has strayed a long way from his Junior effort consisting of 1000 yards and 5 touchdowns.  Here we are over halfway through the season and this superstar of old is being overshadowed by underclassman game in and game out.  There is a definite argument that Tennessee has struggled at Quarterback early this season hurting receiving stats but, playmakers make plays and Lucas Taylor far from a playmaker this season.  Drops and inferior route running have plagued Lucas Taylor’s senior effort and the receiving reigns have been taking by youngsters like Denarius Moore.


Denarius Moore is the biggest surprise for most Volunteer fans.  Moore has recorded just short of 200 receiving yards on only seven receptions.  Averaging a blistering 27 yards per catch Moore is developing as the Volunteers key deep threat.  Phillip Fulmer is already calling Moore a starter in just his sophomore season.  With receivers like Josh Briscoe, Austin Rodgers, and Gerald Jones its hard to make a splash at receiver but, Moore is screaming CANNONBALL!  With Stephens and Moore both in just their second season you have to see promise between this duo.  Already raking in two deep touchdown passes look for Moore to get more involved in the coming weeks.


This Week Marks Another Storied Rivarlry, the Third Saturday in October.  Go Vols!

Till Next Time Volball Out!

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