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Thats right Volunteer fans this year the Big Orange won’t be bowling.  The Vols sunk to 3-7 this past Saturday after an embarrasing Homecoming loss to Wyoming in Neyland Stadium.  The players certainly didn’t respond how most has hoped to the news of Phillip Fulmer’s forced resignation.  I was really hoping the Volunteers could take care of these last three games for the big guy, a win one for the gipper type deal.  No such luck.  Volball reflects.

First off, again I feel completely sorry for our defense.  Not that this was an opponent that they should have had trouble with but, the defense didn’t surrender any points in my opinion.  The three yard touchdown pass was hardly their fault after an interception return put the cowboys all the way down to the three yard line.  It is a sad day when our offense surrenders more points to the opposing team than the defense.


Which brings me to that side of the ball.  Our offensive line is absolute trash, these boys are a disgrace to Tennessee football. Every week they seem to find a way to kill a drive with a holding penalty.  And personally I am sick of seeing them go crazy every time we break off a decent run.  Do you job and shut your mouth, maybe all your dancing makes you to tired to do it on a down to down basis.  Dare I insult the coaching given recent happenings but, where the heck is B.J. Coleman?  Stephens was obviously not turning the corner, he was consistently mediocre but, how do you put the ball back into Crompton’s hands after his season thus far.  Its time Coleman was given a shot to take some snaps.  


And like I said dare I say anything about coaching but, personally I am done with this hot runner junk.  Tauren Poole was clearly the hot runner the kid was breaking off continuous big runs on first down.  How do you expect to get a guy into a rhythm when not matter how well he does you rotate the backs?  

Overall, I am just extremely upset with how the players who so deeply loved their coach responded to his ousting.  If you had half the heart Coach Fulmer did you would have responded to the news by winning a few for the head coach.  Now you will be sending coach Fulmer out with a losing record and a short season.  I don’t even want to think about what Vandy and the Cats are going to do against our beloved Big Orange.  Phillip Fulmer day might be a Blue Grass blow out, did you see Kentucky against Georgia?  Volball Out.


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Offensive Woes Continue

Before discussing the Volunteers game I will mention another.  Florida upset by Ole’ Miss at the Swamp!  The Rebels made us look even worse today going into Florida Stadium and taking it to the Gators.  Ole’ Miss came out with twice the fire and intensity this week than the Volunteers did last week.  The Rebels kicked to Brandon James 9 times in their game this Saturday and all but shut down James, we only kicked to him 6 times and surrendered a touchdown and another huge return.  I suppose wins like today’s for the Rebels are why they had better recruiting this past off season than the Volunteers despite the recruiting budget. Did you know The Mississippi Rebels have beaten the Gators more times than the Vols since 2002? Interesting.

Now, lets move on to this weekends game.  Another loss as the Vols move to 1-3 on the year and the bottom of the barrel in the SEC.  The big orange could not move the ball what so ever, Crompton has been proven again this week as a completely ineffective quarterback.  With Crompton at the helm I see a less than five hundred season on the horizon, I think its time Phil gives Nick Stephens or B.J. Coleman a look, its only fair at this point. The game as a whole wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be thanks to our defense playing a great game.  And now lets break down each aspect of the game.

Offense, complete junk with Crompton taking the snaps again this week.  He is completely inadequate as a passer and despite what we heard about his legs I continually see him get dropped behind the line when he tucks the ball under.  Crompton threw only 8 completions out of 23 attempts which only produced 67 yards.  The running game got going early which was nice until Auburn realized that is all the Vols had and stacked the box with 8 and 9 defenders and that is when the offense stopped.  We had seven three and outs during this game, if that doesn’t tell the story I don’t know what does. But if you need more we were only converted 4 third downs out of 14 tries against Auburn.  Again I will indicate my disgust with Arian Foster and Jonathan Crompton this week after another exchange problem.  The Volunteers had similar fumble cost them six against Florida last week and obviously didn’t fix the problem before this week. At least Phil made Foster learn his lesson as we saw very little of him the remainder of the game.  The G-Gun did a decent job moving the ball with the run, but I still believe the Volunteers have to let Gerald throw the ball before it will reach its full potential and one throw which was dropped after hitting Lucas Taylor in the hands hardly qualifies.  And it should be noted that the only offensive touchdown came off a Dennis Rogan interception which gave the offense a very short field of 37 yards.

Hats off to the defense this week, the D only surrendered 7 points to the Tigers at Jordan-Hare Stadium.  Credit the other seven to the offense.  The defense can’t do much else when they held Auburn to 226 yards of total offense. Auburn was only 6 for 18 on third downs thanks to the D this week.  Again the secondary played an amazing game snatching another interception making that 8 on the year which is fourth in NCAA football.  Some missed tackles here and there plagued the defense in stopping runs behind the line of scrimmage and cost the Vols one or two sacks.  

On to Special Teams, first off great job by Cunningham pinning the Tigers three times inside the five yard line.  Although it did make me a little nervous that Auburn almost blocked three punts this afternoon, especially after seeing the punt block for a TD against UCLA.  Last week I said I would like to see Gerald Jones return some punts, and this week that came true for me this week, and he did make a big play with a long return in the second half but, surprise surprise a three and out followed suit.  Never really gave up a big return which was a change, good adjustments there.  I would also like to give props to Daniel Lincoln who kicked his first field goals since the misses at UCLA, he went two for two from 47 and 35.  

Now to coaching, again simple mistakes cost the Volunteers the game with the fumble and some more personal fouls to go along with the turnover.  I have to say that this team lacks discipline when a blatent hit out of bounds gives Auburn fifteen more yards.  Peyton Manning said it best, “bonehead plays costing this team games.”  That couldn’t be a more true statement.  The offensive adjustments were nonexistent after Auburn committed to stopping the run.  I will give John Chavis some credit for bringing the defense in ready to play.  And I have to say if Phil doesn’t make the executive decision to take out Crompton and give someone else a shot it is going to cost him his job.  I don’t put a whole lot on Fulmer after this loss but when your team is one and three all fingers point to the coaches and that is still the direction mine points as well.

Overall the fact is the Volunteers have suffered another loss, they are almost like two different football teams, with a different team on each side of the ball.  This week should be an easy win with Northern Illinois coming to town. But without a complete turn around of this football team we will be staring a 2 and 4 start in the face with a game at Georgia in two weeks.  This is going to be a rough season Vol fans. Until next time Volball out.

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shhhh talk.


If you haven’t heard already and you are a Vols fan you must have been locked in a closet. Brandon Spikes took a shot at the Volunteers, recalling last years match-up he called the vols “quitters.”  Today GoVolsXtra released the press conference video with Fulmer and the players response.  Pregame hype! I like it, I mean for Vols fans to be outraged but after that performance in the Swamp last year is Spikes truly wrong. Nope.  But check it out.


My favorite part about the video is Phil taking a stab at the Florida coaching staff saying comments probably originally came from the Florida coaching staff.  “If they don’t respect us why are they practicing,” said Fulmer. I like to see the fire in the Volunteer coach.  I think the players handled it extremely well you didn’t see anyone lash out in immature fashion.

Countdown till gameday continues…3 days and counting. Till next time Volball out.

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Rocky Start in Big Orange Country.

Rocky start…that is as pleasant as I can say it. The Volunteers came out and embarrassed the University of Tennessee, its fans, and more importantly the Southeastern Conference. One of only two SEC teams to go down this week. 

Offense- Amazingly awful, most would come out and put this on Crompton after he turned in a less than impressive 19 of 41 0 TD 1 INT performance, but I just can’t do that to the kid. But you know who I can attack is the five returning starters on the O line, they looked like swiss cheese out there. An O line who only surrendered four sacks last season left Crompton running for his life.  Secondly, Arian Foster, the fumbling woes continue, this kid is suppose to be a senior and a leader for the Vols and he looked like a rookie.

Defense- I can’t blame the players, we have the most talented secondary in the land and they showed it in the 1st half with 4 picks, can’t blame Berry and the boys when their offense can’t make points out of turnovers. Speaking of Eric Berry he looked like a beast as expected and is going to make history before he leaves Tennessee despite the mediocrity of the program.  D line also created good pressure in the first half.

Special Teams- return game looked good for the first time in a long time, I give credit where it is due.  Punt team you have got to be joking, I could have blocked that punt, they stepped aside and let that play change the entire pace of the game. Daniel Lincoln, I will give him the two 50+ yarders, it happens, and great job sending this one to extra innings, but come on the missed OT field goal is inexcusable.  And I have to say I was shocked because Lincoln was clutch last season.

Coaching- Halftime adjustments, who needs them, this must be Fat Phil’s stand on that matter. He brought the Vols in completely unprepared and flat in the second half as if the Bruins were just going to lay down and die for “Phillip the Great.”  Offenses given enough time will always find holes in a zone defense and UCLA did exactly that, talent only gets you so far. Do I recall seeing the G gun package with sophomore Gerald Jones tear up an LSU national championship defense in the SEC title game last year…I believe so and Phil’s old school style sees a few successful looks and puts it away in his “bag of tricks” for another day. The game is quickly passing old Phil by and will continue to inless he quits living in the past.

Overall thoughts after week one:  Its sink or swim time Vols, you get two weeks to prepare for AUB who you better not over look then Florida comes to town who we haven’t beaten in years. Hardesty might need to get a little more love with carries with Senior “leader” Foster struggling.  Lincoln better toughen up and his press clipping fall on deaf ears and prove the upset Orange faithful and myself wrong in the coming weeks.

Next week: off week, following UAB comes to Fort Neyland.

Prediciton: Vols thump UAB, UT-38 UAB-17

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